Disney XD

                Walt Disney would surely be proud of where his company is today, one could easily consider it one of the biggest names in media in the world. They have divisions in television, movies, music, radio programming, satellite channels, as well as numerous theme parks and resorts. They are really a multibillion dollar, multinational conglomerate of media. Whatís probably done a world of good for Disney is its ability to innovate, change its offerings and create and implement new ones, as they grow old and need to be update or shifted about. And thatís what they did for Disney XD. The channel found its beginnings in 1998 as Ton Disney, and they offered a much different block of programming as well as having a different target audience. In 2004 they created Jetix, another channel that was a sister channel to the original Disney Channel, which was supposed to have roughly the same style of programing and target audience as XD does . In 2009 these two channels merged together, and they became Disney XD

                XD is owned and operated by the Disney-ABC television group, which itself is a division of the Walt Disney Company. Disney XD is a sister channel to the well-known Disney Channel. It however has a different focus and target audience.  They show mostly action oriented animations, live action programing and some movies, but they all have a common audience, the male 6 to 14 age bracket, which is considerably different from the age bracket and target audience that the Disney Channel caters too. Disney XD also has some of its own original programming that it mixes in with the more successful programing from the Disney Chanel. Shows such as Zeke and Luther and Pair of Kings are all Disney XD exclusives.  With Disneyís acquisition of Marvel many of its products have found their way into Disney XDís lineup, or future line up. This is largely imparted due to their live action stylings, but also because of the target audience that they are after.             X-men, X-men Evolution, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Silver Surfer and Spider-Man have all found homes on the Disney XD network, we can also suspect that many of the movies that are released under the marvel banner through Walt Disney will find their way to Disney XD as well as they begin to be played on television.

                One thing anyone could give Disney XDís line up of TV shows and movies is that they are quite consistent in a few ways. One of these facts that finds itself being predominant throughout there line up is the use of predominantly male casts, this point out the obvious fact that there are ultimately very few female cast members that could be considered as predominant or main characters. On average most originals that they have aired have only had one female cast member in the main cast. This is a drastic change from Disney Chanel exclusive offerings, which tend to have a pretty equal ratio of cast members gender wise.  Another thing they are quite consistent with is how they lay out their programming, is the airing schedule. New episodes for their live action series are most often aired on a Monday night, and new episodes for animated series usually air on Saturday morning.  As with many of its Disney sister channels, XD does air movies. They are usually not aired in a primetime slot, but instead find themselves on the air at 5 PM eastern time. XD also airs a few double features during the week to keep things interesting.  To fill in time gaps during commercial breaks, or at the end of movies, they usually play a short film or an episode from a shorts series. These films usually last between two to five minutes, and have on occasion run up to 15 minutes long. These shows include Moises Rules, The Next X, Shortstop, small segments of Wipeout, and youth-oriented sports snippets provided through ESPNís Sports center.  Disney XDís video on demand is another cool feature that they have implemented, it allows for digital cable and IPTV subscribers to get their hands on subsequent free programming.


                One could easily say that the offerings that Disney XD has slated for show time arenít as educational or as fully family friendly as the offerings that say the actual Disney Channel has, but that is because they arenít aimed at the same age group, they are aimed at young males. Young males like different things then young females, young families, and even younger toddlers. They like super heroes, action, suspense, cool visuals and fight scenes, and anything that pretty much stimulates any of their senses. And this is what their offerings have for these kids. There is some educational backing to much of their cartoons, animations and live action movies, but this education comes more in the form of morals and trying to influence them into making appropriate decisions when deciding what is right and what is wrong. Which is something that pretty much everyone needs help working out when their growing up.  Another point of Disney XD that could be considered educational is the fact that it isnít just offered in English, it is also offered with Spanish language audio. While setting that up can be a tad difficult, and the method of doing so depends on the provider or the system set up that you have, it can be done and id imagine it would be incredibly beneficial for a young child. All in all Disney XD could be an enticing channel to watch not just for young males, but for pretty much anyone. Most people have a thing for super heroes, this has been proven time and time again, especially with the more recent success of the Iron Man franchise, the Captain America movie, and The Avengers, and everyone likes a good action flick from time to time, and Disney XDís thankfully chalked full of them, especially since their acquisition of Marvel and its subsequent trademarks.